Mechanic Turf/Golf/Landscape Machinery – Khurdistan

  • 3 June 2024 06:22
Mechanic Turf/Golf/Landscape Machinery – Khurdistan
£3,500per month


Mechanic – Turf/Golf/Landscape Machinery. Based in a presidential facility in Erbil, Khurdistan. Initially the contract period is for 12 months but can be extended upon mutual agreement. Working schedule is Sunday to Thursday, 6 days per week with average 48 per week.


Shared 5 bedroom villa (with 3 other UK expats) provided, as well as transport to and from the facility. Lunch is provided daily by the client Sunday-Thursday.


8 weeks on 1-week off paid leave with return flight to home country.


GBP 3,500 per month.

Driving licence is essential, as the successful candidate will need to manage a range of landscape and sports turf machinery assets across 2 properties in Erbil. Work visas and full medical insurance provided.


This is being advertised by Golf East LLC,

To apply, please email – and

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